Andy The Ambulance Colouring Books

We have resuscitated the Andy the Ambulance Colouring Books!

These bilingual colouring books are available with your colour EMS logo on the front cover.

We printed an initial batch of 5000 to keep the costs down. We do not apply a mark up to the books, we simply recover the printing and shipping costs.

Please contact us for details, pricing or to receive a sample.

All design and layout costs were donated by local vendors.

Front and back covers are in colour, the inside pages are black and white and include:

  • colouring pages with important safety messages
  • find the quickest way to the hospital
  • word search
  • how to be Andy’s little helper

Medic ONE – The Gator

The NBPPA raised funds from sponsors and donations throughout the community to purchase and modify a John Deere Gator and Wells Cargo Trailer.

The John Deere Gator – known as Medic ONE – and Wells Cargo Trailer are used at various outdoor events in North Bay and surrounding area to both provide immediate medical assistance to patients in areas where a regular sized Ambulance cannot access promptly and to promote and raise awareness of Emergency Medical Services. Medic ONE is fully equipped with all medical and life saving equipment carried on a regular Ambulance, including, but not limited to, a Heart Monitor and Defibrillator, Symptom Relief Kit and Oxygen. It is modified to accommodate an Ambulance stretcher and is staffed by Paramedics when used at community events such as Canada Day Celebrations, the Santa Clause Parade, The North Bay Heritage Festival and International Air Show, sporting events and other community events throughout North Bay and the surrounding communities. The NBPPA attends up to 20 events per year in North Bay and surrounding communities. Medic ONE is highly sought after by neighbouring Ambulance Services and has traveled to Callander, Sudbury, Kirkland Lake, Muskoka, South River, Sundridge, Mattawa and Ottawa for special events.

The trailer serves to transport and store Medic ONE, and is also used as a first aid post and command center at events where Medic ONE is deployed.

Lifeline Public Access Defibrillators

The North Bay Professional Paramedics Association and the District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board have teamed up to launch an exciting and life saving initiative in the Nipissing District.

The goal of the project, entitled “Lifeline – Every Minute is a Lifetime”, is to place public access defibrillators (PADs) in community centres in the Nipissing District, which include North Bay, Astorville, Temagami, Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls and Verner.

The NBPPA is purchasing the PADs for each arena, training the employees on it’s use and teaming up with the DNSSAB and local EMS for long term maintenance of the units. The installation of the PADs, purchased through a local company, HeartZAP Services Inc, includes a 2 stage alarm process. The PADs are mounted in a metal cabinet and when the cabinet door is opened, an audible alarm and red light are activated. The alarm is two fold, as it warns others that there is a medical emergency in the vicinity and it deters vandalism. Once the PAD unit is removed from the case, a second alarm is activated at the True Steel alarm monitoring station and the Emergency Services are contacted immediately. The NBPPA still advises the public to call 911 in an emergency, which provides additional information to the responding emergency personnel including the exact location of the patient.

As of July 2006, all eight arenas, plus some other high traffic areas have been equipped with Lifeline PADs. The Lifeline Project continues, focusing on community training and installations at other public high traffic areas, such as the North Bay Capital Centre and the North bay Waterfornt.

The Lifeline project is unique in that it is the first PAD project that relies solely on fundraising. Other PAD projects, such as those located in Ottawa and Calgary, are city funded.

Visit our web site at for further information.

High School CPR – ACT Foundation

In September 2006, The NBPPA is partnering with the ACT Foundation to implement a High School CPR Program in the Nipissing and Parry Sound Districts. In addition to funding the project, members of the NBPPA, through the local ambulance services, will attend high school classes and interact with the students and teachers about various topics including, what to do in a medical emergency and how and when to call 911.

ACT’s mission is to assist communities in implementing the High School CPR course as a mandatory program in their local high schools. Schools own the program and receive the necessary resources to deliver the program over the long term. Through this initiative, schools are not dependent on having to find the funds every year to have an outside agency teach their students.

The program involves only a one-time “set-up” cost and is structured to be long term and sustainable. For example, mannequins and curriculum materials are donated to schools and teachers are trained to teach CPR to their students as a regular part of their core curriculum. Schools then deliver the program over the long term and are responsible for maintenance costs associated with materials and teacher-training. All students graduate with the skills and knowledge to save a life.

The NBPPA is pleased to be the major sponsor of the High School CPR Program in the Nipissing and Parry Sound Districts.

View a Globe and Mail article in regards to placing PADs in schools.